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Name:Cruz Eros Quinlan
Birthdate:Jun 24
Location:Tribeca, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Cruz Eros Quinlan was born and raised in London, England though he was more raised by nannies than his parents. His father was a politician and his mother a political correspondent. He was conceived on some poor bastard's desk as a result of a booze-soaked, coke-fueled scandalous party. Because his father was a pro-life supporter back then, his mother didn't have the heart to terminate the pregnancy. He ended up marrying her to keep up appearances when she blackmailed him with an exposé on their night together, which would have severely threatened his seat in parliament. Of course, the marriage only lasted a year because they were both screwing around on each other, and when they divorced, she took him for 50% of everything, and sued him for child support.

Needless to say, Cruz had little fucks to give about his parents, nor any of his stuck-up family. He adored the two nannies he had, and to this day, he is still in touch with both of them, but his eyes were opened up to the scandalous hush-hush that could go on in a world that had to be constructed on smoke and mirrors. Cruz hadn't even finished high school before he was leaving home and moving in with a couple of friends a few years older than him and in university. They didn't care so long as he paid the rent. It was through them he got his first gig as a singer for an indi band, Sinful Effigy, who played the pub circuit in London. No one drew attention to the fact he was underage at 16 to be in pubs or drinking, but he did both. He had already lost his virginity in the back of a car when he was just shy of his 15th birthday, and was drinking and smoking (cigarette and weed) by the time he was approaching his sixteenth birthday.

Still, he was never particularly messed up back then, save for having no interest in having anything to do with his family. He was an easygoing and popular guy, making friends easily in school, but gaining more attention being the frontman of a band. Of course, he had his sights set high in the music industry, and when he was 18, he decided to pull a bit of his mother's own medicine on her, and blackmailed her into giving him enough cash for the band to record, produce and market their first album. He also wanted her to get him connections in the music industry, namely someone who could be their agent. She did, of course. Though, it probably had something to do with the fact he one of his pals had photographs of her naked snorting lines at a white collar party somewhere in the city.

The band had a stroke of luck with those connections, and soon hit the big time. Eventually, they all moved to New York to record their second album, this time signed to a large record label. Their popularity soared with their edgy rock style, though like many a rock band, they weren't without scandal themselves, though most of it was fake rumour and fabrication. In the day and age of social media, that shit was virulent. Things took a terrible turn for Cruz when he got caught up in an orgy where he witnessed a fan being brutally raped, murdered and left for dead. The perpetrators knew he had witnessed it, and began to blackmail him to keep his mouth shut, or they would ruin him.

Because he feared not only losing everything, but also being murdered himself, Cruz started to drink heavily and over-medicate on prescription drugs. This went on for a few months, until suddenly the murderers were all over the media... as murder victims themselves. Stressed out of his mind, struggling to keep his head above water, becoming increasingly depressed from lack of sleep and living on fear, Cruz finds himself starting to feel suicidal and not even drinking manages to block it anymore. Like so many young musicians before him in his business, he becomes pushed to the edge - literally - standing on a window ledge pf a multi-storey building wanting to jump after taking a handful of pills when life has gotten way too hard for him to cope with anymore.

Original Character
For musebox/psl: dreamlikenewyork

RP and muse journal only. Original Character for dreamlikenewyork PSL.
PB is William Jarrett. No infringement intended.

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